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Summary of Scores for the Year

As each term completes, the Cumulative Total for the Year will update. Included in this WebScores summary view is the total number of points earned by term, the percentage score by term, the grade earned by term, and a projection for the year-end course grade based on the term percentage grade to date. Note that when all is complete, each term will count equally toward the course grade, and the final project will half as much as a single term toward the course grade.

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Assignment Descriptions

Scores are recorded in four major categories, plus possible bonus points:

  • Tests
    At this time you should plan on two tests per term. Tests are usually 100 points, and will be written to take 40 minutes, although 55 minutes will be allotted. Sometimes a test will be a unit test that is given at the completion of a chapter of the book. As your background in physics builds and our pace increases, it is more likely that a test will cover more than one chapter. The focus material for each test will be made clear in advance of the test. Note that physics is inherently cumulative, thus necessarily material studied from previous units will appear in current tests.
  • Quizzes
    Quizzes are designed to take 10 minutes, and are generally 20 or 25 points; quizzes will be given as needed. Quizzes will usually be announced several days in advance, however, this is not a promise. The focus on quizzes can be over a portion of a chapter, or over the entire chapter as preparation for an upcoming test.
  • Homework
    Homework is a catch-all term for assignments given. Certainly this category includes all assigned chapter homework and worksheets that are intended for completion outside of class time. Also included in this category are your chapter summaries in you reading notebooks, and in-class group work and other in-class assignments.
  • Laboratory
    Laboratory assignments are all forms of written material pertaining to laboratory work, plus any points given for safety inspections and workspace clean-up. Written assignments include. pre- and post- laboratory assignments, laboratory data sheets and prepared report forms, and written scientific laboratory reports.
  • Bonus Points
    Bonus points may be made available as difficult problems on quizzes and tests, but also as special assignments given in class. Or, bonus points may not be offered at all. We'll see.... Bonus points are added directly to your total score, and will be used to calculate your term total percentage score. Bonus points will, however, not show up in any other category total, even if offered on a test or quiz.
  • Lex, Hex, Gex or Qex
    Anything with the ending ‘ex’ are points that have been excused for one or a few specific students. Why might a student be excused from assignments? Here are few examples: (1) A student transfers into a class mid-term, thus is excused for some or all of the earlier assignments. (2) A student is excused for medical reasons from certain assignments. Points that are excused for a student are subtracted from the denominator, thus allowing the precentage score to be calculated based on fewer total points. Most students should have no points under these labels.

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Links to Assignment Descriptions by Term

Webscores identifies each item by a code. Use the links below to translate the codes into short descriptions of the assignments that have been issued to date for each term. You may also view a histogram of the percentile scores for the entire class. Note that when the information displayed is for the current term, the scores shown represent what has been graded so far for the term. There may be assignments that have been handed in, but have not yet been scored or handed back.


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